Saturday, October 29, 2011

Stop the Dry Cracked Winter Hands

Im currently standing outside freezing at a Halloween event and it made me think of how dry my hands get in the Fall/Winter. So I thought I'd do a post on how to keep your hands soft!

1. Before bed but a body butter, moisturizing hand cream or Vaseline on your hands. Then put socks or mittens over them to keep moisture in so it will soak into your hands.
2. Don't excessively wash! Not only does this dry out your hands washing your hands excessively also kills good germs you need to stay healthy during flu season.
3. Put cuticle oil/cream on knuckles as well as nail beds. Cuticle oil/cream tends to be more concentrated than regular lotion, do putting it on dry areas will help keep them soft.
4. Stay away from hot water! As nice as it is to put your hands under a faucet with water after a cold day; hot water pulls out the moisture and drys out the skin. Remember that when you go to take a hot shower!
What do you use to keep your hands soft?



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