Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pump it up: Add Volume to Your Hair

I used to blow dry my hair upside down to get more volume.  Little did I know completely blow drying your hair upside down isn't good for the shafts of your hair! So I decided to do a post on how to add volume to your hair.
1. Use products that volumize- Shampoo, condition, hair spray, gels, leave in conditioner ect.  All of these are great to help you get a bit more lift.  I suggest a volumizing shampoo and a really deep conditioner as it can dry your hair out. Also, lots of brands care volumizing sprays/mousses that you can leave in to add volume
2. How to dry- blow dry away from the scalp but not against the way your hair grows.  Blow drying your hair upside down for a little while can help boost volume but doing it too long can damage your hair.  Instead, tilt your head to either side and blow dry from the underneath.  This helps the hair dry away from the scalp while not damaging your hair as much.
3. Curls or waves- Creating curls or waves REALLY helps add to the volume of your hair.  You can do this with a curling iron, sponge curlers, or even braid your hair at night while it's wet and take it out in the morning for soft waves.
4. Splish, Splash- Make sure you have CLEAN hair.  Nothing weighs hair down more than oily, greasy roots. Make sure your using products that aren't heavy and oil it may look nice at first but through the day it will start weighing down your hair.  Dry shampoo can help you achieve this look between washes.
5 Tease- Backcombing helps add volume to whatever level you want.  You can add lots of volume at the crown of your head, or do a little teasing all around to get all over volume!

Enjoy your beautiful voluminous hair!




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