Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dating Drama: Over-eager Boys

       So this is more of a personal post but here we go!!! So recently I joined an online dating site! Crazy I know... But I work a lot, and I'm in school when I'm not working and don't meet a lot of people so I figured it would be a good way to meet new people and get myself out there.
       So it's been about a month and I just have some hilarious stories to go with this!! In general, I've haven't met any men that are way weird... other than a couple of men over 50 but never talked to them...because that's just weird.  I really like the site, because you can see the people who are looking at your profile so if you are interested you can always contact them.  Now to preface this, recently I have become extremely picky when it comes to dating people.  I met the most wonderful man ever when I was a Sophomore in high school, that I absolutely love, and it seems that no one ever measures up to him...but recent events have put me in a position were I am forced to try... so here I am... trying... so lets begin.
        Met this guy online seemed cool lets call him Bob...We started texting, and then like a hour before he asked if I wanted to meet up and go grab breakfast! Since it was a quick turnover I didn't have a long time to talk myself out of it and since it was the first time I've met up it was good for me so I agreed.  Then immediately called my brother.  He turned on a tracker to track my phone and I sent him pictures of the guy so that if anything happened....my brother could hunt him down and take him out :) hahahahha The first date was fun, no big deal lasted like an a couple hours and he had to leave for work which was cool... Then four hours later.... this is 11:30pm he texts me asking if I wanted to watch a movie.  Keep in mind he lives about 40 mins from me! I explain that the theatre isn't playing this late! He suggests that we watch a movie at my house or his.  First off... I'm not going to let someone I've met once come over to my house at midnight to watch a movie!!! SO I just tell him no and he insists that I have to watch a movie with him the following Tuesday which I agree to.
       Tuesday rolls around we are going to see The Lorax seemed harmless enough. This is our SECOND date... First I get lost finding the theatre... because he wasn't clear on which theatre it was.. then he decides to see a later showing... which was whatever, but just showed a total lack of planning on his part and that seriously just drives me bonkers!!! SO needless to say I had to try really hard to be in a good mood when I arrived! So we watch the movie it was very cute, we ended up being the only two in the entire theatre which was kind of cool that's never happened to me! So the movie is way cute it ends and I get up to leave but he doesn't.... so I sit back down and we talk for probably forty minuets.  Then the sound turns off and so I was like oh there is a perfect sue to leave... nope... so then the lights turn off... and I'm like alright... I'm done with this so then he says "here let me show you something" turns and decides to kiss me!!!!!! I'm not kidding... and not a "I love you grandma" kiss either! I was like seriously?!?! It was insane... at the end of the date I made it pretty clear that I was not very happy about being ambushed, he ended up not being very happy but we both agreed to start with a clean slate... Haven't seen him since then but plan to go dancing to give him another chance... though... it's pretty clear what he's after in my mind.
       Anyway, a little bit different post than usual for me but still "girl talk" related! :) Let me know what you think about these kind of posts.  More? Let me know what you think.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes and vanilla frosting with green food coloring!! :)
I just love the little wrappers and toppers!! :)

I made these for my dance students for the holiday!! :) They were sooo easy!! Used the Silhouette machine to cut the wrappers and shamrock toppers and then just put it all together! :)


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Swarovski Angelic Pendant

I saw this and just thought it was absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I know, I know I love that word... but seriously! I love that it's petite, simply and just classic. I'm seriously considering buying it but I want to stalk Etsy first  :P I just can't decide if I like the gold or the silver better what do you guys think?

 They are both sooooo pretty!! Love it!! I wear both gold and silver jewelry though I need to beef up my gold accessory collection! :P Let me know what you think!! :P
I found these on preciousaccents.com and crystal-fox.com as well as swarovski.com


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Update/ Kony 2012

So, I've decided my blog needs a little TLC! I want to focus more doing posts and blogging than I have in the passed! SO I'm going to plan on blogging at least twice before Sunday :)

I wanted to post about this! I feel it's important to be informed about issue and charities. Links below are for both sides of the coin on this issue and there are lots lots more out there! This is just amazing and deserves a lot of support! The truth is Invisible Children are the biggest and most influential organization supporting this issue... and if you are going to help make a difference it's going to be through this organization hope you guys enjoy!!