Monday, October 3, 2011

10 Things I Like in a Guy

In no particular order....

1. Optimistic/ Happy/ Loving
2. Patient
3. Puts God before me, wants to be with me for eternity
4. Great with kids (likes to play and have fun but also knows how to be the adult and discipline)
5. My family has to like and approve of him.
6. Ambitious
7. Can learn, adapt, and wants to grow and become a better person on his own.
8. Respects and loves me
9. Fun, supportive, and makes me laugh all the time
10. Looks like this


  1. so so so sossosossososo cute together!!! this s so super sweeeett!! :)

    can you do a post with some of THESE videos???? I would love you forever!!!!! :D i think your readers would really like it too, and, she is one of my faves and reminds me of you a bit!! i REALLY REALLY WANA SEE WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY! thanks for writing such a cute blog too!
    ^^ THIS ONE IS A SHOCKER!! GO TO 1:19!!!!!

  2. @BridgetOH MY GOSH!!! That is insane! I.... just wow!! That's crazy. Power to her, that takes a lot of guts!

    I would love to do these videos/posts. So Celebrity makeup tutorials, natural makeup tutorials, and beauty how-tos? Is that about right?