Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Brassy Blonde

If you’ve ever dyed your hair blonde, you’ve probably experienced ‘brass’ on one occasion or another.  Brass is the yellow, orange color hair turns, that depending on your skin tone can be VERY unflattering! Here are a few tip to protect your blonde locks from becoming brassy:
1. Protect your hair's moisture and color by only using styling products formulated for color-treated hair. Chemically lightened hair has been damaged and requires products that provide hydration and are free of alcohol. Alcohol can further dry out the hair

2. Check your Water – Find out if you live in an area where the water supply is high in iron deposits. These deposits can add a brassy tone to your hair when it is washed and rinsed. To fix this problem, add a water softener and iron filter to your shower head.

3. Purple Shampoo – The blue dyes will deposit themselves on your hair shaft, canceling out any brassiness. John Frieda has some inexpensive options, I just bought the shampoo and conditioner! :)

4. Go back to your colorist and request a toner, if you find your hair has become an undesired tint this doesn't have to be brassy necessarily, my hair turned grey and they put toner in it to correct that as well . 

Here are some brassy blondes so you can see what it is! I've seen a lot of girls with over processed hair that have this problem and it looks A LOT worse than these celebs!
..... does this picture need a comment?

You can really see it in the ends of her hair.
Hope this is helpful!!