Monday, December 20, 2010

Sabbath Day

Sabbath means "to rest" in Hebrew. Today our lesson in Sunday school was about keeping this most sacred day holy. I loved the way the lesson was broken down and just wanted to share it because I felt in was rather insightful.

What does keeping the Sunday holy even mean? I guess for me it's the attitude towards the day. Sunday should be treated as a special day to rest and be in the presence of the Lord. Not that the rest of the week isn't for that, but life is hectic! Things get crazy and often times we lose sight of what's important. Slowing down and making Sunday a special day helps me to become closer to my Heavenly Father and focus. I feel like having an attitude of reverence helps to invite The Spirit into my home and life. It shouldn't be like every other day, doing the same activities and things we do everyday (unless you're perfect and listen to nothing but church music and meditate everyday of your life):P It's a day for doing the things that bring you the most peace. For me that's trying not to do things like.... homework, work related things, shopping, cleaning, and my biggest one watching movies or shows I normally do during the week. Not that I watch anything inappropriate or that that's even a bad thing, but I feel like there are things that are more inviting of peace and The Spirit than those things.

It's also a day for personal reflection, and spending time with family and friends. Being together in a time where everyone is in a rush and cities never sleep, is so important. It's essential to take time to appreciate loved ones and slow down to help enforce strong bonds of love and respect. And what a better time to do it? :)

Why is it important keep the Sabbath day holy?
1. Physical/Mental Renewal - Even God needed to rest after creating the world, what makes us think we are any better? Everyone needs physical break to be healthy. I find that during periods in my life when I am not observing the Sabbath I tend to run... and run.. and run and then crash. It seems to me it's better to take once a week to physically renew instead of doing things until you drop! Also, it's been shown in lots of studies (like my scientific qualification there?:P) that performance levels improve when people work, exercise, study ect. six days rather than seven. I feel like I can better focus on things when I'm not neck deep in them ALL the time. Same with life, when I take Sunday to renew myself I can better tackle it's challenges! :)

2. Spiritual Strengthening - In putting the cares of the world aside for a day; I have more time to focus on more important things. It gives me a chance to focus on the Lord without distraction, and be more perceptive to The Spirit. It gives me a chance to create an environment where I can learn and grow in simple moments with the lord.

3. Obedience to the Lord's Commandments - The Lord has commanded his people to keep the Sabbath holy. Personally, I feel like God, who created me, knows more about it than I do! :P In obeying His commandments we show that we love him... I feel like if for no other reason, I want to keep the Sabbath holy to show my love and gratitude to the Lord. :)

The following is my list of Sunday activities that I find help me "keep Sundays special" :)

*listen to spiritually uplifting music
*Reading conference talks from
*Blog about a church lesson :P
*Play an instrument
*Write in a journal
*Go for a walk
*Color or decorate this weeks goals
*Visit the hospital or rest home
*Make a craft
*Make treats for someone
*thank you cards
*talk with an old friend
*Sunday night dinner and cards with my family

The most important thing is for people to understand that different things bring peace to different people. I know that keeping the Sabbath Day holy will make me happy and efficient in the my day to day activities and the Lords work. I know the joy that comes from following the Lords warnings and commandments. :)

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  1. That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I just have one question, u color and/or decorate ur weekly goals somehow?

  2. Yeah I just like pick my goals for that week and then take markers or color pencils and right them out. Nothing too exciting or special but it helps me slow down and remember what I'm working on that week. :)