Thursday, December 23, 2010


Family is so fun! No matter how crazy and ridiculous you may be they love you!  I love my family and wouldn't trade them for anything! My family is interesting... we are FAR from perfect, but we all accept each other and love each other in spite of our many shortcomings.  Sure we get upset and I won't lie and say there isn't drama...because there is... a lot of drama.  But somehow we all love each other.  This means standing up for each other, accepting each person for who they are, and enjoying being around them.  I can honestly say that my family does all of these things.  I know that in this day and age a statement like that is far from true in many families, which is why my family is so special to me.  I love my whole, big, crazy family! <3 <3


  1. AWWWWHHHH Torie! I love you! Tonight was amazing, and I know we all made some memories that will last forever:)
    Just so you know, our family is something that I do NOT take for granted. I love each and every one of you guys, and I'm so grateful that I have you all in my life. Without everyone, I would not be the person I am, and most of you influence me for the better haha!:) Once again, I love you!

  2. By the way this is Emma not Tammie!

  3. :) *warm feelings* awwwwww.