Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lush Demo: Think Pink, Mrs. Whippy and Twilight Ballistic

Think Pink:
Very cute bomb! Turns the water pink and little pink hearts take over the bath tub! Smelled great made really pink water which made my day! It wasn't particularly moisturizing but it was very fun after a rough day!

Mrs. Whippy:
This bomb was wonderful it was really milking and moisturizing.  I guess it's supposed to smell like strawberries and cream, didn't so much get that, but moist Lush products don't smell the way they are described to me. The center of this one looked like it has oatmeal or something in it that dissolved at the same time as the bomb around it but I think that's what made it so moisturizing.  It made light pink water and bubbles and was really frothy. :)

Twilight Ballistic:
I LOOOVED the smell of this one... it was kind of vanilla with lavender.  I kept it in my closet with some clothes and it made my clothes smell like it and it's AMAZING!!! I love the smell! :P  This one took the longest to fizz out it took a LOOOOONG time.  It was beautiful to watch, propelling itself around the tub.  It turned the water a really deep purple color and released all sorts of sparkles. :) As the bomb got closer to the center it started to look like an apple core and after all the pink it started to turn blue it had little pods of blue that bursted and then the pink and the blue made a big swirl like a galaxy in the tub you can see it in the video at 3:05 it was like that longer but I just got it breaking apart. Soooo fun! :) I think turning on the water after it had been going to a while made more bubbles so I couldn't see the water as much...Really fun!


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  1. The Twilight Ballistic looked so pretty and cool in the demo I really want to get it now.