Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My March Madness

March is always a crazy month! I figured I would write about exciting things that happened his month!

Favorite place this month: Disneyland- Got to go to Disneyland so fun! I love it so much you can't go wrong with Disney! :) :):)

Favorite Event: Ceili- I held a big dance party at a local elementary school for the dancers and community! Lots of work, lots of stress, really fun! I had two mid terms that day too, which just added to the craziness of it all!

I had lunch with my BEST friend ever!! I love her and miss her sooo much, we don't live all that far but I never see her!

I had a major presentation for my Forensic Law class... :/ I'm SOOOOOOO glad it's over, we'd been working on it all semester and now it's done. The project was on the court case Atkins v. Virginia it's about the death penalty on those who are mentally handicapped.

I read Vanishing Act I might do a separate post on that one not sure yet.... :P

Favorite makeup product: Origins vitaZing It's sooooooo fabulous love love love it! I'm going to do a review on my channel about it! It's a tinted moisturizer of sorts!:)



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