Sunday, March 11, 2012

Swarovski Angelic Pendant

I saw this and just thought it was absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I know, I know I love that word... but seriously! I love that it's petite, simply and just classic. I'm seriously considering buying it but I want to stalk Etsy first  :P I just can't decide if I like the gold or the silver better what do you guys think?

 They are both sooooo pretty!! Love it!! I wear both gold and silver jewelry though I need to beef up my gold accessory collection! :P Let me know what you think!! :P
I found these on and as well as



  1. We need to know where it is from! It looks very similar to my michael kors black one. I prefer gold (especially for the spring/summer), but I really like both!

    1. Oh!! I just was looking off I will put a couple of links in the post! Thanks Hannah!! Yeah I'm thinking the gold too! :)