Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pressing Mac Pigments

Dazzlesphere Berry Ornament Pigments
 All you need is the pans which you can get at Coastal Scents, rubbing alcohol, something to mix it with, paper towels, a quarter, and the pigment (all easy to get or things you have around the house).

  1.     Add the alcohol to the pigments in the pan 
  2.     Mix
  3.     Let stand for two hours
  4.     Cover the pan and mixed pigment with a paper towel and place the quarter on top
  5.      Push the quarter down to compact the pigment even more
  6.     Let the rest of the alcohol evaporate and then you have your pressed pigment!


Next to Mac's Cranberry

I love these colors they are soooo pretty and for $32.50 a great deal!

Do you like using your pigments loose or pressed?



  1. This is so helpful! I've wanted to press some pigments :)

  2. Now I'm sad that I passed on those pigments! I don't use pigments in their powder form very often, but I should have thought about pressing them!! They look gorgeous. Jealous. ;)