Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Naked Again: Naked Palette 2

       Guess what?!! Naked Palette 2 Released! I'm so excited The colors are great as to be expected from Urban Decay products. Overall, this palette has a lot more cooler tones in it.  Foxy, Half Baked, and Chopper are the only warm colors in the palette, whereas the original was pretty much all warm tones.  
         Half Baked was in both palettes, but overall it's a very diverse palette.  It has more matte shades than the original and none of the colors are that similar that I was disappointed in buying both.  At first glance there were two or three colors that I thought were really going to be similar, but once I swatched them I realized that wasn't the case.

The Naked 2 is a hard case that snaps shut but with that comes the feeling of bulk.  The mirror is larger than the first palette but I don't use the mirrors in the packaging anyway so that wasn't a huge deal for me.  The reason I'm drawn to the product is the value $204 worth of eyeshadow + $24 brush + $6 lipgloss=$234 total for just $50.  That's AMAZING!!! LOVE IT!
I don't think that this palette is all that necessary if you have the first one but with the coolers tones included, the matte black, and the fact that the shadows are all neutral, I will get great use out of it!!



  1. You're arm, with all of the eye shadow colors on it, looks like you got whipped burned really bad. :D