Tuesday, January 25, 2011


While studying the Scriptures tonight I came across an interesting verse: "Yea, how could you have given way to the enticing of him who is seeking to hurl away your souls down to everlasting misery and endless wo?" Really bleak, I know :P It's just interesting that so many people (including myself) will do things that aren't good things when we are warned so often not to. These things only give us temporary satisfaction and then make us miserable later. I guess it just played off of an idea that we talked about recently in Sunday school really well. We talked about how being obedient is protective, not restrictive and more relevant; being obedient brings freedom into our lives that we wouldn't otherwise have. When I follow commandments given through the Prophet or leaders it really does make me happier to be more productive, help others, and feel better. Following instruction and gives me a freedom that sin never will. There are BILLIONS of examples of this but Christ asked us to love one another and was the ultimate example on how to do this. I feel like when we love others, as well as help and serve them, we are more focused on others than ourselves, which allows us to be so much more productive in the world. We build better relationships with people and find more connections with people we never thought we would and become of more use to the people we come in contact with. Our horizons expand and we are able to live a more enriched and fulfilling life... Sounds worth it to me :)


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